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Studying Tips

Studying can be hard. There are too many distractors, there is the procrastination, and some times we are just not motivated enough. Here are some tips that will make studying easier:

1. Make a Study Plan

The key to breaking the cycle of cramming for tests is to think ahead and create a study plan Not only will this help you get organised and make the most of your time, it’ll also put your mind at ease and eliminate that nasty feeling you get when you walk into an exam knowing that you’re not at all prepared.

3. Take a Break

Remember, you are not inmune to stress and exahustation. Remember to take breaks, give yourself time to recover. Go take a ten minute walk, talk with a friend, or make yourself some tea. It might feel like procrastination, but let me assure you that it’s not: taking regular short breaks not only help improve your focus, they can boost your productivity too.

4. Test Yourself

It’s a strange thing, but sometimes simply entering an exam environment is enough to make you forget some of the things you’ve learned. The solution is to mentally prepare for the pressure of having to remember key dates, facts, names, formulas and so on. Testing yourself with regular quizzes is a great way of doing this.

5. Be Positive

Your attitude has a big impact on the level of study that you get done and the effectiveness of your learning process. Focus your mind on positive outcomes and on how you can use your own individual strengths to achieve them.

6. Form study groups

At this stage of the school year, you should know your classmates pretty well. This is a good point in time to select a couple of study partners who you know you work well with and are motivate you to achieve good grades. You can help each other with  difficult subjects, and quiz each other.

7. Turn lessons into stories

Everybody likes to read or listen to a good story. You can apply this to your studies by weaving important details or facts into a story – the more outlandish and ridiculous you can make it, the better(since you’ll be more likely to remember a particularly crazy story).

8. Use Flashcards and Markers

Make sure you make it easier to remember things, use colors, props, things that make you pay more attention and also makes learning less boring. 

9. Breath

Remember, take a deep breath, relax. You've got this. Relax before the exam, don't overwork your brain and be confident in what you know.



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